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NISO Furniture: the small workshop that has become the home of luxury furniture

A huge variety of unique designs, the possibility to design a piece of furniture from any raw material and in any shape and color in one click, and five decades of professional tradition alongside the use of advanced technology: the secret of Niso Furniture Company.

Another touch: You don't need to move house to renew yourself

The new year is already here, and it’s time to renew the house with small touches that will do good to the heart and give a feeling of renewal. Accessories are exactly all that is required to upgrade the appearance of the space and give it a different look & feel. by Guy Velikson.

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"Amot Campus Holon" won the award for the best building in the Middle East

The business tower won the international award in the category of buildings in the Middle East. The architects of the project Oded Halaf and Moshe Tzur received the award from the King of Spain and his wife Queen Letizia in a ceremony held in Andalusia

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It was a tough pitch to crack. It became a magnificent house in Zikhron Ya'akov

There stood an old house, typical to this time, on a plot of land that only those who understand anything have grasped its potential. One of these was the entrepreneur and his partner who sought to realize their dream here after years of searching. Did they succeed? You will judge

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In the elegant duplex of Irit Rahamim

The bright spaces radiate a quiet class, but also hide inside them design twists such as a selfie corner in the guest bathroom and a leather-covered dining table. “The white design suited her because when you disassemble the white, you discover the entire rainbow of colors. Just like her,” the architect Shlomi Levin explains the choice.

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Lobby's story: behind the lobby of one of the most prestigious business towers in Israel

Thousands of people enter the gates of Azrieli Sharon every day. What did the special design include in one of the busiest towers in Israel? We spoke with Alex Maitlis, the architect and interior designer of the project

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Glowing from a far, phosphorus from the inside: Luxury villa in Savion

The elegant classical architecture of the house does not hint at what happens inside: a celebration of bright colors, marble and velvet, in twelve rooms that you cannot remain indifferent to

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This is how an apartment in Bik'at Ono was renovated

After 10 years of living in the apartment, the owners of the property decided to renovate it from the ground up, so that they would feel like they had moved into a new home. The result: the contractor’s apartment, which was new, but modern and quite casual, became an apartment full of chic that is justified to be presented in design magazines. What does it look like before and after? The “Professionals” website with the review.

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An impressive visit to a showroom of luxury furniture

What makes a piece of furniture unique, original, quality and boutique? In the Niso Furniture showroom you will get the answers, and a different design experience as well

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The most personal: luxury furniture design according to your style

Today, home design enthusiasts prefer to design it in combination with a personal statement. Get to know a different and original furniture gallery, where custom-made luxury furniture is manufactured and designed – from designed seating systems to magnificent bedrooms and dining areas. And if you have a private plane, meet the man who will design it for you

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