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We are open to changes! If you want to modify or change the size/material/color of the item, you are allowed to. What you have to do is just write us in the comments line on the purchase screen. For example, you are interested in purchasing a sofa 2.70 m long, but the site has an option for 2.80 m, you can write the new length in the comments line on the purchase screen. Another example, for a fabric/leather color that you are interested in and it is not available on the website, you are invited to write in the comments line – “I would like to come to the showroom to choose another fabric”, or alternatively, “I would like to change the color of the armchair to dark gray”.

For a change that may constitute an additional fee, we will contact you. For further changes, please send an email to [email protected].

You can check the status of your order through your account page in the website.

Yes, you will be asked to sign a delivery form, in which you confirm that the product(s) was delivered in the correct condition (without obvious defects or damage).

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